Our team was challenged with bringing DC Comics' Justice League to Target.com in a compelling and meaningful way.
In addition to building a landing page for Justice League on Target.com, we had the unique opportunity to pitch a series of digital extensions to help support the digital campaign. The result: we won the opportunity to concept, build and shoot a series of Justice League themed images that would become pins on Target's Pinterest page.
For three weeks, a special team of creative & strategy came up with over 80 craft, recipe and activity ideas for moms & dads to complete their children. Our client narrowed down the selection to 12 images, and with a mix of sketches and reference images, we built a shot list and got down to business... 
Art Director: Jonathan Springer
Strategy: Dan Romanow
Senior Designer: Byron A. Gronseth
Copywriter: Skip Jackson
Photography: Dave Estep
in studio with 4 shooting stations and a sandbox
Building a superhero's world
Superheroes launch into action
Pinterest pins in action on Target's Pinterest board: Kids These Days
Road tripping with Justice League
Finished pin: Superhero bedroom lair
Our Pinterest S'mores story picked up by A Bullseye View
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